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Topin South Africa is a pioneer in the intelligent access control security systems industry, including fields such as, Biometrics, RFID & IP CCTV Surveillance.

Intelligent Access Control Security System relies heavily on technological development. The boundary between intelligent security and computers is gradually disappearing. Intelligent security technology encompasses numerous functions including, image transmission & storage, data storage & processing, access control, alarm and IP CCTV surveillance, etc. A major advantage of intelligent security is the simplicity and universality of uses. Many of the products and technology that we sell at Topin are interchangeable and can be used for by any company and individual.

Topin | Biometric Access Control Security Systems & IP CCTV Surveillance

Topin provides our clients state-of-the-art solutions from the industry’s leading solution providers. But that’s just the beginning, because we are much more than a standard company.

At Topin South Africa we are your business partner, and we have a vested interest in your success. That’s why at Topin we offer a variety of services to help support and grow your business. Our Topin sales team, network specialists and business development managers stay current on the latest technologies, and can educate you on new product and service offerings and applications. We also offer free ongoing product training at our Topin branch locations as well as technology tours and road shows throughout the year.

Our value-added services at Topin help ensure that every project is a success.

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